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CSI Death of King Ananda

CSI R8 synopsis

Foundation Cinema Oasis History On Screen presents

CSI Death of King Ananda

The stigma of gross injustice demands a national exorcism.  

Retired automobile executive Kungwal Buddhivanid is a man on a mission, gripped by the driving need to cleanse and banish all murkiness from his country’s most shameful and forbidden—some would say, cursed—chapter of history: the death of King Ananda. After exhaustive investigation and experimentation, he began giving forensics lecture on ‘The King’s Death Case’ in many settings throughout Bangkok, including at Cinema Oasis just before the pandemic lockdown. This absorbing day-long lecture, well-attended by the public and broadcast live on Facebook by Mr Kungwal, was recorded on two cameras and edited down to 3 hours and 50 minutes, with an intermission. 

(Starring Gungwal Buddhivanid, dir. Ing K, 230 mins with intermission, in Thai with English subtitles)



World Premiere(invitation only) : 

69th anniversary of the three defendants’ execution.

Saturday 17 February 2024 – 2.30 PM


Start :

Sunday 18th February 2024

– 2.00 PM


[Every FRI / SAT / SUN – 2.00 PM]


Ticket 160 Baht / Seat
[Tickets Available in front of the cinema]