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Kan Lume Singaporean Outsider : Director’s talk (Clip)


Filmmaker In Focus


Singaporean Outsider

20 June – 20 July 2018

at Cinema Oasis


Set apart in this zombie world by intelligence and sensitivity, Kan Lume’s finely-tuned people are fascinating to watch, with their bitter refusal to succumb to bitterness and their determination to retain their Romantic soul at all costs. The Singaporean DJ backpacking through China in ‘The Naked DJ’, the beach-bumming Indonesian singer-songwriter of ‘Hush’, and ‘Liberta’s broken Australian actress in search of liberation on a trip to the red rock heart of her dreamland provoke, seduce & inspire us, in voices rarely or never heard in mainstream Southeast Asian culture.

(Mostly in English with English Subtitles ; sorry no Thai subtitles)






Director’s Talk with Kan Lume

Saturday 23 June 2018

at 5:30 pm

(Free, all welcome)

Liberta Poster


A Special Invitation to

Friends & Members of Cinema Oasis

Drinks with Director Kan Lume

Friday 22 June 2018 at 8 – 10 pm

RSVP : email, fb

The Naked DJ Poster