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How To Make A Cheap Movie Look Good

How To Make A Cheap Movie Look Good

Props & Costumes from ‘DogGod’ & ‘Shakespeare Must Die’  

How do shoestring movies stretch their bare-bones budget to increase production values? In the case of ‘DogGod’ and especially ‘Shakespeare Must Die’, it was the use of art. Amidst the haunted warehouse display of gold-painted thrones, the tyrant’s severed plaster head, the rubber-snake haired gorgon and the cheap but effective costumes are works of art by internationally-respected artists Chatchai Puipia (consulting artist on SMD), Jakkai Siributr and Manit Sriwanichpoom (SMD producer and director of photography), as well as Wisut ‘Piak Lek Hip’ Srisatjaluk 

(SMD art director), Attabodee ‘Yew’ Visitwattana (SMD art dept), Suphakorn Chindanonda (SMD art dept) and Ing K (DogGod & SMD production designer & writer-director).


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