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Somatic Synesthesia

Galerie Oasis 

The City-Centre Art Space for Transdimensional Art

proudly presents:

Somatic Synesthesia

An art exhibition by

Claire Kim

17 February – 28 April 2024

(Opening party Sat 17 Feb, 6 – 9 pm.)

We sleepwalk into Claire Kim’s meticulously realised ‘Somatic Synesthesia’. Amongst the blackbead skull, the machine of Asian horror movie human hair and draped intestines, a beautiful mindscape from the triteness of blue and white Madonna candles and a crystal chandelier. It is literally visceral, literally Shakespearean—that Grand Guru of Synesthesia. 

Then one learns with shock upon meeting the artist that she is technically a child, a Korean international school kid from the green valleys of Maerim, Chiangmai, on the verge of graduation. One prays that the world will treat her kindly; that it will not be fearful of the astonishing maturity and force of her work. Knowing her age does not diminish the viewer’s experience. It fills us with joy and hope to see a teenager break to smithereens all our most pessimistic devolutionist stereotypes. Claire Kim conceived, gestated and made by her own hand this labour of love as devoted as any divine offering by a Hindu bhakta. Spooky, instinctive, transcendent.


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